My first oil-painting


Since we have some rather advanced tool for oil-painting at home, I gave it a try. I was quite afraid of making mistakes by mixing the colors, obtaining the wrong tonality and when I let my first strokes lean against the canvas. I already had the image I wanted to draw in my head, I was thinking about drawing an elaborate of clip-art of the Deserted Island Project. As you can notice from the photo, I had troubles in finding the right shade for the sea and the sky, even though I found a rather good gradient for the deeper ocean (bottom of the painting). It’s about 15×10 cm so It’s a very small canvas. It made me feel I was back in junior-high school and I can say I pretty much like the feeling of putting colors on a blank sheet… if only I had the talent for drawing, that could be a good profession/hobby. I have always been terrible with a pencil in my hand, all my sketches look like if they were made by a three or four years old child… :)


Improving my photography skills


Until these days, I’ve never had the pleasure of having professional camera to play with all day. I’ve always used those point-and-shoot compact digital cameras models that are extremely rugged and portable but with less shooting capabilities, fitting my traveling style. Finally, having the chance to practice with a DSLR, a Canon EOS 1000D, I’ve recently tried to take some good shots while in Italy and Indonesia. I have to say that using a DSLR is a complete different feeling from all the other cameras: it’s clearly noticeable even after the first shots that there is much more sharpness and shallow depth-of-field on request and in general, there is enough room for customization. Nevertheless I have always been more fond of the beauty in videoclips rather than static pictures, I now start to recognize some artistic features out of a good photo. In fact, astonishing art can be “easily” achieved through complex photographic techniques. So, I’ve added a new link-button to the website’s menu (bar on top): Photography. It’s a sort of photogallery where I will one by one add all my best works…


International EFR and PADI Rescue Diver !


I am now an Emergency First Responder and an international certified Rescue Diver from PADI ! As you can see from the picure, I am celebrating the end of the course… Special Thanks to my dive buddies Max, Vale and of course all the instructors who  brought me up to this pro level : Roby , Dario and Miki. I’m looking forward to reach the next level : dive master…


Shooting range day!


Alan Rooster is also taking a course for firing guns!! Thanks to Jennifer’s brother (Jonathan) who is working with the SWAT and is a very good shooter, I had the occasion to fire some pistols at the Cebu shooting-range. It was the first time of my life handling a real gun, the sensation was incredible when I first fired: I thought it was like in the movies, very easy, like a game, but actually it was so difficult to handle even if the caliber of the pistol was small. I have been told that taking a good control of a gun requires professional skills. By the way you’ll feel like a sensation of power in your hands. Definitely something to try at least once in your life. Thanks again to Jonathan that offered me such a great experience. Don’t forget to check out pictures and the video.