Tea dreams


Disappointed about the recent fall of the Euro currency against the TWD which furtherly narrowed the convenience margin for purchasing electronic goods, it’s around 2 PM when I enter a famous Tea shop in Taipei’s downtown. My initiation to the tea’s world just happens by chance, after a friend of mine asks me to bring back to the west 200gr of “Chinese tea”. At this point I am in front of a wall with a selection of more than 50 metal jars displaying different tea names and prices. So I get to taste a bit of this and a bit of that… result: I am out of the shop at 5PM “drunk” and carrying 4 kgs of tea instead of 200 grams. How did it happen? I simply can’t stop the eclectic temptation to run through my veins, no matter how busy my mind already is. At the shop’s counter there was an old man on his seventies, brisk and alert, patient and polite, ready to teach and preach what I guess he has been doing for his entire life, still conserving the same patience and passion to serve his last customers as if they were his first. Being served by a shop attendant who holds a flawless knowledge of the display was in fact too uncommon not take this opportunity seriously enough to sweep away some of my thoughts and be ready to enter a new parallel-planet. Well there is no time to write down all that I’ve learned but if I had to tease you with few curiosities, I’d say that 1)The reason why chinese tea is poured in those tiny cups is because they prevents the infuse to get cold too soon. Their white interior is intentionally chosen to be able to see through the tea’s quality 2)In order to distinguish between rubbish and decent tea you’ll have to see if, after adding hot water, the leaves a)smell old or fresh b)roll out too soon or too late c)the leaves actually can’t be leaves only but altogether with an intact stem and 2 or 3 or 4 attached leaves d)all leaves must have the same colour… otherwise it’s weed from different teas. 3)tea-bags are trash. 4)drinking tea with sugar is even more trash. 5)if you do 3 & 4 you are not drinking tea. Well after spending years in Asia i’ve finally got my first Tea set!


Food toxicity

Every time I step in a supermarket I remind myself how dumb is the average consumer and how poor attention people pay to their alimentary shop. I have been talking over this subject for several times but I guess I cant get enough. Yet I am still in search of a safe way out of this sick dietary system that reigned from the ’80 up to nowadays and will probably last for another 10 or 20 years. So why is it sick? It is sick because around 70 to 90 percent of the food you consume daily contains various species of unhealthy preservatives, colorings, artificial flavorings, thickeners, artificial sweeteners and thousands of others chemical compounds and food additives. The average consumer, but better, the average person, is generally attentive only to the product’s name, brand, design or its commercial campaign and for least but not for last, the price, usually stopping at what he can read in the boxes front cover. The smart consumer has an extra gear as he will turn the box around, will read the nutritional facts table, the ingredients and he will know exactly what he is buying. Seems obvious but i shall repeat, in order to understand what a certain food is made of, you must know its ingredients, thus consequently comprehend if there are any suspicious additives in the product. Secondly, but not in second order of importance is to read the nutritional table, in order to understand whether the product fit in your personal diet or not. At the moment, these 2 fundamental instructions are our only savior, at least until there will be mandatory laws that keep the industries binded of writing nutritional and ingredients informational on the label of every pre packed food. Of course corruption is constantly present and there are still hundreds of dishonest industries packing products containing non mentioned illegal ingredients usually considered not safe. These industries would deserve to be burnt and anyone who has intentionally played around with public health executed in loco. Let alone these unethical happenings, I slowly realized that even though we have a 100% natural product, it may be already contaminated by toxic shit: for instance, how about a nice fresh egg, which you would probably stake your right hand that it does not contain any food additive, as it obviously just came out from the chicken’s ass! So it must be natural you would say!!. But you’re wrong again! Today, in the majority of the industries chickens are kept in inadequate cages that barely fit for them, left without any option of movement growing up against nature, but this is nothing if you think that their food is specially made with the worst kind of chemical shit available, all just to make them grow fast&fat. So here is the sick chain explained: old animals kept in captivity with their guts full of chemical shit give birth to new animals who are already contaminated since the day they are born, then they are fed with even more shit so they can serve you sure a 100% fresh milk or eggs, but guess what, nobody tells you that the commercial eggs contain more than 10 types of antibiotics and other residual chemical shit, besides having unbalanced quantities of vitamins and fatty acids. Indeed, no matter how careful you are in choosing your food and no matter how natural it may appear, you’re still eating shit. Of course still less shit than the average person who chooses his aliments randomly or merely basing his ideas on how good they taste. By the way, is there a way out? Find out by yourself, but as far as i know a temporary solution lies in the organic food. Organic food is for a matter of facts far better as it’s produced in industries that follow very rigid standards of quality and strict regulations in order to obtain an organic certification. The only failure is the price, which indeed stands from 2 up to 4 times higher than non-organic. One last thing, unfortunately the problem of unhealthy ingredients is not only concerning human food, but you can easily find them among many beauty products…


Fat people you make me puke!

Snapshot of me 1

After some months of too sporadic physical activity, I am now back into shape doing sports every single day. 6 km bicycle, 5 km run and 1 km swimming in a non-stop session from 3 to 6 oclock pm. Feeling wellness, strong, light, secure, healthy. And this is for you, fat ass, with your blown big belly or your disgusting cellulitic legs, flaccid worms, pieces of soft shit, dumb useless piece of disgusting lard. I saw overweight teenagers eating their shit french-fries and sweets junk, walking around with no shame. Men with such swollen belly that they cant even see their dick, I pity you fat faggots. Lick my muscles, shut up and squat.


Fish 2 times per day

Over 2 months eating fish 2 times per day, not even tired so far! I’m feeling great, in shape and healthy , while I havent got ill yet ,no sign of flu or any cold. I knew I was born to live by the sea…!